faq - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get solution immediately?

You will get solution or answer to all questions in Live sessions only.

We have only one system to answer & resolve your queries in Live Session only.

What are the requirements?

Smart phone with good internet connection.

Interest to learn.

What is medium of training?

It will be Hinglish. Most of the portion will be in Simple English. We will answer in Hindi if required only.

What if I miss live training?

We recommend to learn from live session to get quick feedback & answers to your queries.

We are going to provide you the recordings. These will be available till 30 days from Start date.

The course automatically closes after due date.

What I will learn?

Please refer day-wise schedule for details.

Can you teach me WhatsApp Automation?

WhatsApp Automation will be taught in separate course 'WFB - WhatsApp for Business'.

You will learn many automations in Advanced course 'SRS Smart Reply System'.

Do you have any other training programs?

Please refer https://oa.ourarea.in for all major courses.

We are creating the courses according to the requirements & solution to the people.

Why are you charging so less?

My mission is to help 1,00,000 people to grow using knowledge & technology.

I am sharing my experience with others to guide to become Smart.

I don't have time. I wish to learn in a day?

Great to hear from you. You can learn through the recordings. You will be getting the recordings day-wise / section wise. You can refer all contents on last day to get started implementation.

We recommend to go through Section-wise for better learning.

I don't have business. Is this training useful?

WhatsApp is the world's best communication system.

You can use it for personal messaging.

What to do if I miss any session?

We expect you to be regular.

We are providing the recordings. You can learn from the recording.

Timing is not convenient for me. Any other timing you have?

Timings depends on availability of Mahesh Hasarmani Sir.

We announce the schedule according to the best benefits of people.

Can I repeat the session next time?

You get admission to the specific course. If you wish to repeat any session again for more learning then you have to invest again.

I came to know that some people paid 99 Rs. While I paid 499?

We offer early bird discounts to help people to register and take action. Fees is completely dynamic. Whatever you see is the fees.

Why to learn Advanced WhatsApp Automation?

If you are an entrepreneur and wish to automate your business then it's must to go for advanced WhatsApp course.

I personally recommend. It's your call.

Why nobody is answering my question in WhatsApp?

All questions will be answered in Live Training only. Personal messages may not be answered.

What to do if I need personal consultancy or individual help?

I am going to cover almost everything necessary for you. You can learn through the recordings.

If you need custom service or wish to take our consultancy then you can connect with us.

We charge 499 Rs for 30 minuted online consultancy.