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  • Do you really wish to Encash your Knowledge & grow using Technology?
  • I did this for myself.
  • Encash Knowledge with Technology
  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Work now, Earn forever
  • Learn+Do+Teach

1) Knowledge Commerce


In other words, 2,43,000 entrepreneurs could build million-dollar businesses,

You Could Be Next!


Anyone can teach anything in any domain, without necessarily being an expert, and make recurring residual income!


The eLearning industry has witnessed explosive growth (900% since the year 2000!) and is expected to reach $325 billion by 2025.


Thousands of people are making $100,000+ each year by teaching online courses. And that too just part time with an awesome side-business.


The online education industry is a multi-billion dollar market and expected to grow to over 230 BILLION by 2023.


On average, every dollar invested in online training results in $30 in productivity gains and that's incredibly amazing.


A good eLearning program can offer retention rates as high as 50-60% and this figure is far higher than what any other industry has been able to achieve till date.


A Teaching Business allows you to monetize your expertise without any deadlines. Be your own boss and grow your business from anywhere, at any time and for any audience!


Can I have an Established System?

No proper system to achieve desired results.

Lead Generation Process

How to Generate more enquiries?

Unplanned process leads to mismanagement.

Centralized system

How to manage all information?

All information is not available at one place.


Which tools yield definite results?

Grow with Technology

Effective tools for results

Thousands Of Businesses Are Competing For The Same Audiences

Cut-throat competition, with massive investments in order to influence the same audience, leading to great difficulty for a newbie to start and grow their business.

Restricted Budget

You don’t know where to start from when you lack the initial fund to invest. Even the most basic things like rent you spend on working spaces costs about half of what you earn.

NO Leads

You don’t have leads in hand. But you really need customers to sell to in order to earn a return on investment and pay for ongoing business expenses!

Lacking Resources

Every Marketer and Entrepreneur suffers from the fact that they can’t find enough skilled people or they don’t have sufficiently large budgets. There just aren’t enough of us around that have brains for both technical and marketing.

Marketing & Promotions

If you are creating but not promoting then its hard to reap the benefits of your business. You’re going to have to put yourself out there to promote what you believe in but you lack the Know-how or the tools to market and promote your product or service.

Platform to Showcase

Unaware and lacking access to proper platforms to present your product or service.

Insights & Analytics

If you ignore the analytics, there’s no way to know what works. Once you’ve set your goals, you need modes to measure your success. But you lack the Tools to measure the metrics to review the marketing data or evaluating the product or service itself.

Content Production

The content is flat out boring. Don't know what kind of content to create for their business. Content has no special area for target audience. If you’re creating but not promoting, your content marketing will become a flop.

Secrets & Statistics

India's Online Education Net-worth in next year

  • Do you know what will be the net-worth or turnover of the Education Market in India?
  • Do you know What Google Survey says about India's Online Education Growth?
  • Do you know How many online learners are now & next year?

Secret #1:

Online Users

  • 2019 = 16 Lac
  • 2021 = 96 Lac

Online Learners are going to 96 Lac from just 16 lac, which is almost 8 times in just 3 years!!!

This is a mega shift India is going to witness.

What is Online Education Market in India?

Secret #2:

Online Market

  • 2019 = 25 Crore
  • 2021 = 200 Crore

India's Online education market is growing every year by 8 times i.e. 800%.

Be the creator & learn to be the leader.

What can I teach online?

Secret #3:

Everything is Online

  • Everything is Teachable.
  • Everything is Online.

Do you wish to be part of growth or just a witnesser?

Decide how you can take benefit of major shift in India happening.

Why is India's Online Education Market growing?

  • Do you know Why India's Online Education Market is growing?
  • Is our Education system improving?

Secret #1:

Education System

  • Availability of Quality Education
  • Employability Quotient
  • Government’s digital initiative

Many people share great quality content online.Employability power is becoming better.People are becoming more skilled with Government's initiatives like Skill India!!!

How to control the population?

Secret #2:


  • Smartphone user base
  • Internet penetration
  • Young population

We can convert our weakness into Strength.People are easily accessing information in a click.Because of Smartphones you are becoming more powerful than ever in the history of India.The Internet is reaching each & every corner of our Country.We have the highest % of youth. The future creator's will grow India to become a Super Power in the world.

Can I afford online Education?

Secret #3:


  • Disposable income
  • Cost of online education
  • Economical Tools

With ease of everything, reduction of costing has become controlled.India has the lowest investment ratio on education.Online tools are becoming more economical because of quantity utilization.

How you will be contributing to India's Online Education Market growth?

What advantages will you be taking in this Growth?

3 Secret Factors - Why people are Referring & Preferring Online Education?

  • Do you know why more and more people are referring & preferring Online Education?
  • How to access online education?

Secret #1:

Perceive convenience

  • Easy to access anywhere, anytime...
  • No reason for excuses
  • Mobile had made the work more easy & convenient

Can I have an option to choose different resources?

Secret #2:

Variety of Study material

Because of the internet, knowledge is going to explode like Nuclear Bomb!!!There are many resources for your improvement in knowledge.Resources in the form of content, audio, video, animation etc available to make sure you get what you wish for...

Is it possible to adjust my learning process?

Secret #3:


Flexibility with commencement dates.You can adjust the speed of learning. You can schedule the learning dates as per your convenience

3 Secrets of Educational Strength in India

Do you know the Educational Strength of India?

Do you know how many students are there in India?

Secret #1:

😀 Students

~ 26 Crore

20 to 30% of the total population Highest in the world

Do you know How many schools & colleges are there in India?

Secret #2:

🏤 Centers

  • Schools = 15 Lac
  • Colleges = ~40,000

Education is never a stopping process.Education is empowering people for the growth in many areas.

Do you know how many Under & Post Graduate students are there in India?

Secret #3:

😎 Graduate Students

  • UG Under = 2.75 Crore
  • PG Post = 40 Lac

Under Graduate & Postgraduate period is the highest focussed span in Education system.This is where students will convert into next levels.People are ready for any kind of investment for better output.

Analyze your Strengths & think how you can contribute for the benefit from Educational Strength in India.

3 Secrets of Key Trends of Online Education

Do you know Key Factors of Success in Online Education?

Can I get Free?

Secret #1:

🔆 Freemium Model

Give to Get.People are giving a lot of content online to get more awareness and make it easy for students to choose the course that they want.Initially offer Free or Trial for 30 days!

What is the best way to learn?

Secret #2:

🎬 Videos

With ease of Internet & economical data, people are preferring Videos as the best way to learn online.

Videos give the highest percentage of learning than listening or reading.

Where can I get Online Education?

Secret #3:

🏣 Market Place

  • Students
  • Teachers

Platform for all students to get a variety of options.Udemy, Coursera etc.

  • Platform for teachers
  • Easy to create courses.
  • Effectively Connect with students.
  • Teachable, Kajabi etc

Think about what you wish to share?

Check whether you are on track considering the overall trends of Online Education!

Which platform will be most useful for you to encash your knowledge & grow using technology?

What kind of help do you need to succeed?


Smart Entrepreneur

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Encash knowledge

Earn money continually, recurring


Smart dynamic website to update all contents anytime, anywhere

Digital Marketing

Reach to the masses, your audiences effectively

Earn money online

Find ways to earn online


Success or failure depends only on one thing, that is SALES!


Identify your niche / vision better.


Ideas to Encash Knowledge!

Webinar Selling

Able to start your own webinar System & start selling online

Facebook Ads

Learn Ads mastery, Traffic generation ideas

Affiliate Marketing

Earn more money online + MSI -Multiple Stream of Income


20,000 to 40,000 Rs/month Approximate

Copy writing

Learn how to write content for website, blogs, funnels etc

Course Design

Learn how to design courses, sections, topics

Video Creation

How to create videos, audios, animation

Better Skills

How to communicate better?


How to build rapport, share knowledge?

Smart system

Learn systems to automate routine activities

Automatic Communication

Automate routine communication system like email, SMS!

Social Media

Learn Social Media + Digital Marketing System

Questions which explore yourself to achieve your Goals through this course


How to find your niche?


How to design course curriculum?


How to create multiple courses?


How to establish a system to automate routine activities?


How to drive traffic to your website / funnel / webinar?


How to sell online effectively?


Finally! You Can Share Your Knowledge and Make A Substantial Income Doing So in just 3 easy Steps! This is also known as the Golden Triangle.


  • Learn what you wish to teach.
  • Analyze what you are good at.
  • Decide to monetize your knowledge.
  • Learn what is sell-able?
  • Find your vision, niche!


  • Convert into actions & results.
  • Convert your expertise into proper course template.
  • Capture leads to follow-up
  • Promote your website
  • Stay tuned to Social Media activities.


  • Teach online using Technology.
  • Add students / members to access your lectures / contents.
  • Convert all your leads to customers
  • Deliver > the best of your knowledge
  • Webinar Selling Formula
  • Grow your business Online


(1) Smart Knowledge System

  • Encash knowledge using technology
  • Work Smarter, not harder
  • Work now, earn forever...
  • Create an irresistible course
  • Sell online using Webinar, Social media

Value = 9,900

(2) Smart Knowledge Concept

  • Know the secrets of Smart Knowledge
  • Trends of Online Education
  • Encash Knowledge using Technology
  • Statistics about Knowledge sharing
  • Future Opportunities & benefits

Value = 4,900

(3) Vision Discovery System

  • Be absolute clear about your concept.
  • Use templates to decide your vision.
  • Riches are in the niches
  • Laser focussed niche area

Value = 4,900

(4) Goal Setting System

  • Be clear about your Goals
  • Goals for next 3 months, 1 year, 5 year, 10 years.
  • Templates for Smarter Goals
  • How to achieve Goals faster?

Value = 4,900

(5) Course Design System

  • Design awesome product / service for amazing results
  • Be ready on paper about your concept
  • Detailed Master action plan Template

Value = 4,900

Total value = 29,500

Offer = 2,900


(6) Smart Website Concept

  • Learn how to showcase your info
  • All info at one place
  • Save time, money & resources
  • Smart way of representing yourself
  • Must option to reach the world in effective way

Value = 4,900

(7) Smart Communication Concept

  • Learn communication channels
  • Reach maximum people in minimum time
  • Economical & effective way of representation

Value = 4,900

Total value = 39,300

Offer = 2,900

Total Value = Rs 39,300

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CA Amit Chougule

I am excited to learn & implement my knowledge. I started sharing my knowledge to students who are going to become CA in future.

I am getting great confidence because of this course.

Aryan Humanabade

I tried a lot of courses to learn about Course creation. But at last I found the course which is action oriented and result oriented.

Vasant Mukharjee

I learned from many course creation coaches. They just recommend using all tools & they earn affiliate amounts.

I am happy to see that Sirji recommends tools which are must. I saved a lot of money which I was spending earlier without any need.

Dr. Ishant Joshi

Thank you for all the tips and techniques. These are helping me to share my knowledge & practice with new doctors.

John Fernandis

Excellent course. Very practical & detailed knowledge sharing. Found all the information which I was searching for.

I was a trainer helping groups to grow their personality. But now because of online everything has become fabulous & easy. I am scaling my business faster.

Total Value = Rs 39,300

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How do I access my training?


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Do I get access to all of the training immediately, or is it drip-released?

You get immediate upfront access to all content in full. There is no drip-releasing of content around here! Get stuck in!

Main course is drip-released to get the content going on as per the plan. This will help you to get definite results in a faster way.

Can I just watch all of the courses in one go during the learning phase?

Yes. You can switch to your courses anytime. We recommend following the Smart Plan shared with you at the beginning of the course.

Do I have to become a member to access your training?

No. You can purchase the online courses individually for a one-off fee. Simply click on the course images above to purchase them one by one. Note, if you purchase courses individually, you get lifetime access to the course.

How to connect to a Member's area?

All information regarding the Member's area is given inside the course content. Different links will be provided to connect different groups.

Telegram Group for communication within members.

Telegram Channel for announcements + action plans, polls.

Facebook Secret Group for Social communication.

Google Group for email communication.