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Mahesh Hasarmani

10 Nov = Birthday

What you get

❀️ Spreading Love with Knowledge & Technology

❀️ Get everyday Gift

🀝 Useful resources to grow in Business & Life

πŸ“š eBooks - Sales, Marketing, Motivational

πŸ“• Smart Books - OurArea - Mahesh Hasarmani

🧩 PowerPoint Templates

🌟 Wordpress Softwares, plugins, themes

πŸ’’ Images, videos, designs

πŸŽ“ Courses to grow with Technology

πŸŽ‰ Offers, surprises etc


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Gift Contents:


Important Books

  1. Attitude

  2. Blogging

  3. Marketing

  4. Money

  5. Motivational

  6. Sales

Smart Books

Book summaries

Learn smarter, faster


  1. Audio - Book summaries

  2. Video - Great learnings


Motivational Stories


  1. Courses

  2. Mega Offer

  3. SmartBook


  1. Premium

  2. Wordpress


  1. Designs

  2. Theme


  1. PowerPoint


Value = Rs 1,999

Offer price = Only Rs 99

UPI Google Pay/ PayTM / Bhim: 9595321110

The course is recorded for you. You can access anytime & anywhere. Clear your doubts in Live Q&A sessions.


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get solution immediately?

You will get solution or answer to all questions in Live sessions only.

We have only one system to answer & resolve your queries in Live Session only.

What are the requirements?

Smart phone with good internet connection.

Interest to learn.

What is medium of training?

It will be Hinglish. Most of the portion will be in Simple English. We will answer in Hindi if required only.