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Why merely dip your foot in an online teaching business?

More than 50% of the questions are repeated. This can be automated.

90% people prefer to get auto reply rather than asking someone manually

More than 80% People feel connected if they get a quick reply instantly.


Trying to get all of this going on your own can be incredibly hard!

Losing time to answer FAQ

Bored with same reply

Secrets & Statistics

Big organizations are using AutoBot for routine activities

People are super happy if they get instant reply for FAQ when they wanted

100% FAQ covered

  • Automatic communication

  • Quick reply

  • Automated Chat system will increase client relationship

Leader in your area

Magical Experience

  • Get mobile number

  • Contact matters

Get more specific leads

Premium Benefits

Why are we better than any other auto reply apps in the market ?

Simple Turn On

Turn on auto reply with a single touch, no need to setup complicated requirements.

Contact Matters

Always choose to whom you want to send an auto reply.

Groups Support

We support groups, WhatsAuto can send auto reply to any groups in your messaging app.

Support All Messengers

We support all popular social messaging apps. With this one app you can be able to send auto reply to any social messaging apps.

Build Your Bot

Create your own chat bot more easily than any other apps in the world. No more technical skills required to build your bot.


Backup your bot messages to your phone storage or Google Drive storage, you can restore them whenever you want.


Schedule your time to turn WhatsAuto On and Off automatically to send auto reply to your incoming messages. This feature is useful when you're out of business hours.

Driving Mode

AI powered tool to detect when you're driving and takes care of all your incoming messages by letting them know you're driving. Avoid accidents & have a hassle free driving.

Smart Reply

Customize the reply time. You can set WhatsAuto to send auto reply continuously or to send after some time delay or to send only once.

Spreadsheet Sync

Connect your online Google Spreadsheet and sync all your messages automatically to this app.


  • Automatic Reply system

  • Quick reply in WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business, Telegram, Instagram, Messenger

  • One time investment & life time returns

  • All major Social Apps covered

  • Simple turn on / off

  • Easy setup & implementation

  • Better Contacts management

  • Custom Reply

  • Welcome Message

  • Reply in Groups (specific or all)

  • Spreadsheet system - just two columns → input & output.

  • Central system - All data at one place

  • Dynamic content according to different conditions or codes

  • Auto Update of Smart reply system data

  • Backup on cloud server

  • Schedule - auto on / off

  • Driving mode - Keep you safe

  • Default auto message

  • Template with multiple message options

  • Notification for quick info

  • Statistics - Know all reply summary

  • Direct Message → Send WhatsApp without saving mobile number

  • Help: Support System → User manual, videos, Course

  • Settings → Control your app better

Social Apps Reply:


Smart Action Plan

User Manual


Advanced Course

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Weekly learning resources

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Email support System

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Saurabh Banerjee

“I am able to save time. I am now completely free to send automated reply.”

Nilima Khanna

“This is really an awesome system. My regular questions asked by my customers were answered automatically.”

Rajesh Pandey

“Congratulations Sirji. You have given us such a wonderful system. I can just say, WOW.

I am just getting more leads because of your system.”

Vikram Chaudhary

“I am sharing all links & quick replies. So people are referring to my whatsapp instead of the website.”

Finally, AutoChatBot is ready to work for YOU!

Are you ready to take advantage of the Automated Smart Reply System?

One time investment & life time returns.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the payment one time or every year?

Friend, the payment is one time only.

After payment, what do I have to do?

You will get access to the SRS course.

You will be informed about everything in that course.

You have to choose an appointment with our team for quick support.

Does it work for IOS?

Right now we have developed for Android only. We will update you once we are ready with IOS.

How much time will it take to build my own System?

Just 1 day.

Once you refer to the SRS course and live Support from our team, you will get to know everything.

If I have any questions then what should I do?

Please feel free to write to us anytime. Our official email address is Please specify your details.

What is the offer code?

Please enter offer code “OAGIFT” as coupon code. This will give you an amazing discount. This offer code may change anytime without prior information.

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