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Social media is consuming a lot of time

I am not able to generate leads via Social Network

Can I have an Established System? No proper system to achieve desired results.

How to Generate more enquiries? Unplanned process leads to mismanagement

How to manage all information? All information is not available at one place.

Which tools yield definite results? Grow with Technology


Facebook is having more than 300 crore active people

100% of people using internet use Social Media

You can get thousands of leads through Social Network

All leading companies are getting more leads from Social Network


No investment to use Social media

Very easy to use & implement

Get definite results

System works, people fail

Get Free leads which will convert into your paid assets


  • Creating Social Network
  • How to use Social Network
  • Social Network Benefits (respectively)
  • Blogging – Content writing
  • Facebook – Account + Page + Group + LIVE
  • Twitter
  • YouTube Videos + LIVE
  • Google Business
  • Pinterest
  • WhatsApp + Profile + Business + Links + Catalog
  • Telegram + Channel + Group
  • Linkedin
  • Social Booster
  • Multiple Accounts handling


For whom?

  • Who wish to Encash Knowledge


Also known as SIRJI

Mission: Help 1,00,000 Smart people to encash knowledge & grow using Technology.

Vision: Help 30 crore people by 2030 using Knowledge & Technology.

SirJi Is A Leading


  • Who Trained Over Thousands Of People Across 3+ Countries.
  • He is creating more entrepreneurs online helping Smart people using Knowledge & Technology.
  • He Builds Multiple Businesses Online In Digital World.
  • 20 years of Experience
  • Author of 9 books
  • Committed to life long training to make you Smart


This is what The Users are saying about…

Super valuable stuff. I got 300+ leads in just 1 week after implementation of Social Network Techniques

Kishor Jawale

I was amazed to see the powerful techniques which are actually yielding results in the form of leads. I got 93 leads in 1 month without a single rupee investment

Rupa Sakotkar

I am very thankful to Sirji for helping me with Social Network techniques and sharing super valuable ideas

Manmohan Kumar

Answer these 3 questions…

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Why Less Fees?

  • We wish to help many entrepreneurs to succeed
  • We are on the mission to create 100,000 entrepreneurs
  • No financial burden to entrepreneurs, knowledge givers
  • Wish to help Smart People to become future leaders
  • We understand current scenario you are going through

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Q How to learn from Trainers?

You will be given access to WhatsApp Group.

You will be shared Link for Live Access to the Training.

Q Do I need Desktop or Laptop?

If you have Computer then you can learn better on big screen.

Even you can learn smartly on Mobile.

Q How much internet is required?

Approximately 200 to 500 MB internet is required.

Q Can I have my own Domain associated with my website?

For that you have to buy domain & Hosting. We will help you with implementation which will cost only Rs. 3,000 per year. You will get additional 1 email.

Q What is language of communication?

Mostly it will be in Simple English. Sometimes Trainers will help you in Hindi narration for quick learning. As everything is practical, language is secondary.

Q What if I miss any session?

As all sessions are Live. You will get maximum benefits in Live sessions.

We will be providing access to recorded sessions for 1 month only.

Q What to do if I have any doubt or question?

We have created a community group. There you can ask any questions. You will get response from our team also. But the best way to get solution or resolution is during live Training. All questions will be answered.

You are asking questions; it means you are action taker.