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Website Structure

7 Days

In this stage you will learn

  • Boost your Confidence
  • Why to have a website?
  • Benefits, Limitations
  • Applications
  • Website terminology
  • Strategy to prepare your Smart website in the next 7 days
  • Website Checklist

Live Web Design

7 Days

In this stage you will learn

  • Live web design
  • Content, Images, Videos
  • Layouts + Fonts + Colors
  • Sections
  • Embedding
  • Themes

Lead Generation

7 Days

In this stage you will learn

  • New enquiry
  • Social Media integration
  • Marketing Skills
  • Future Scope
  • Advanced Ideas of web design
  • Earn money online

1) Daily Tasks

  • 21 days action plan for everyday
  • Learn + Implement Template

Value = Rs. 4,900 = $ 69

2) Live Web Design

  • Implement live
  • Step by Step action plan
  • Learn from Scratch

Value = Rs 9,900 = $ 139

3) Life Time Membership

  • Weekly Live Training
  • Till you & I will be there

Value = Rs 9,900 = $ 139

4) Smart Web System Community

  • Secret Groups (Telegram, Facebook, Google)
  • Members only

Value = Rs 4,900 = $ 69

5) Website Monetization System

  • Encash from your website
  • Make money online

Value = Rs 9,900 = $ 139

6) Smart Blogging System

  • Write articles to showcase your knowledge
  • Earn money through ads

Value = Rs 4,900 = $ 69

Total Value = Rs 44,400 = $ 624

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7) Digital Consultancy with Sirji

  • 30 minute LIVE meeting with Sirji
  • Ask anything on any topic

Value = Rs 4,900 = $ 69

8) Smart Emoji Gallery

  • Use Emojis to attract more people
  • 1,000 + Emoji’s for you

Value = Rs 4,900 = $ 69

Total Value = Rs 54,200 = $762

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Also known as SIRJI

Mission: Help 1,00,000 Smart people to encash knowledge & grow using Technology.

Vision: Help 30 crore people by 2030 using Knowledge & Technology.

SirJi Is A Leading


Who Trained Over Thousands Of People Across 3+ Countries.

He is creating more entrepreneurs online helping Smart people using Knowledge & Technology.

He Builds Multiple Businesses Online In Digital World.

In This Courses You Will Learn How To Become A

Smart Web System Master.


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BSR Bhupendra Singh Rathore

International Motivational Speaker & Business Breakthrough Strategist

I was so busy that I never used to get time to update my website. Sirji have given me great tool where I can update the website in just a few clicks.

Now I can add my program details, training schedule without anyone’s help.

Thanks to the efforts & support by wonderful course created by Sirji.

Laxman Kale

Pragati Engineering Works

I am thankful to Sirji for helping me with Smart Website System Course.

This helped me create my website without any external developers.I got many orders because of my website.

I share all my products, services without any technical help.

Dinesh Patil

Suman Graphics & OnlinePrints

I am really thankful to Mahesh Sir for sharing me an awesome tool. Now I can choose any image in a click & use for my designs. Now I search images on my website in 1 click without referring google.

Now I never worry about privacy issues & related problems in future. I assure my clients with confidence because of Sirji’s course.

I recommend everyone who wish to have a stress free tasks, go for this course.

Dr. Chandrakant Kanase

DTH Clinic & Many Educational Organizations

Because of Mr. Mahesh Hasarmani, now I am able to share my experiences with the whole world without any Web development experience.

I am able to share my expertise with the world and my clients. I am becoming good influencer on social media also.

Dr. Satish Naikhinde

Founder of Spoken English Made Easy

Because of Smart Website System course, I have created my own course of Spoken English. I made it accessible to only my students who are paying me regular fees.

This is very easy for me. Thanks to Sirji for exploring wonderful ideas for me.

Amit Kulkarni

Fitness Trainer

I am able to create awesome website within 20 days. Now I have great confidence to succeed to create more websites without any developer.

I share regular fitness ideas through my blog & started earning through ads also.

Prof. Santosh K

Zen Link Educational Network

I am a professor in Hotel Management College. I am not a technical guy. But Sirji’s teachings helped me create a website with whatever content I can add without any support from technical experts.

John Fernandis

Excellent course. Very practical & detailed knowledge sharing. Found all the information which I was searching for.

I was a trainer helping groups to grow their personality. But now because of online everything has become fabulous & easy. I am scaling my business faster.

Total Value = Rs 54,200 = $762

Buy now at Rs 2,900 = $ 39 Only!!!

Save more than 90% for Today!

(Offer may change anytime.)

I am looking for Smart People for action taking. This is a limited opportunity. Price may jump anytime.

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If all this did was

“Finally you learn to share information and sell your products & services through website to grow your Business and increase the connections with your prospects / customers”

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Mastering Website Design Skills Is The Need Of The Future.

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Total Value = Rs 54,200 = $762

Buy now at Rs 2,900 = $ 39 Only!!!

Save more than 90% for Today!

(Offer may change anytime.)

I am looking for Smart People for action taking. This is a limited opportunity. Price may jump anytime.

What is the validity of the course?

Course validity is Life-time. No due date. You can refer anytime.

We recommend to complete the course in 21 days or at the earliest for great results.

What should I do for better results?

Follow the system. Do exactly what is told without thinking at the learning stage.

Once you learn the concepts you are ready to implement any way you wish.

Attend our regular Weekly Master Mind Sessions. You will learn new topics & ideas to work Smarter.

This will also keep you motivated for more results.

How to access to Master Mind Sessions?

You will be given a separate link with all the details.

You click the link & join the MasterMind session as per schedule.

Internet is required to access the program.

What to do if I miss any Mastermind Session?

Don’t worry. We will keep all Mastermind sessions in the course library. You can access anytime again.

But we recommend to attend LIVE for greater results.

Is it necessary to be a part of Community?

Sharing is Caring.

The Community members are like you only. All are interested to learn and even ready to help each other.

You will get a solution to your problems if any

How much can I earn from Website Monetization process?

Actually there is no fixed rule. It depends on the traffic your website is having.

The more people visit your website the more revenue you make.

How can I learn advanced techniques or latest technologies?

You can learn many technologies by registering online. Many courses are there.

Learning is more important instead of from whom or where?

We have many other courses which will definitely bring results with actions.

Please refer oa.ourarea.in for more information.

How to use Digital Consultancy, which is Free with the course you are providing?

You will receive an email with the link for Digital Consultancy with Sirji.

Select your convenient time from available timings. Once confirmed cannot be changed.

Take the best advantage of Digital Consultancy. Follow system or preparations before meeting.

How can meet you & discuss with you?

It is not required, as I cover everything in the course itself.

You can get my Digital Consultancy online meeting. I charge 2,900 Rs for 30 minute. This is recommended for real action takers only.

I am going to give you Templates, quick resolution, Recorded session of our discussion. You can refer anytime later in future.

How to use Smart Images?

We will be providing you a link in your email.

We are also giving you access to the course for better learning. Refer the link.

You can search images according to Group, Subgroup, Type, name, tag etc.

We are continuously updating images.

The price has increased now. Can I get the earlier price with Offer code?

Actually Offer price is to help you to start learning faster. Whatever offer price you see is the final price at that moment. We offer discounts to limited period for more benefits to the members.

The price is going to increase continuously as we are adding new services, benefits regularly.

How to pay & what is payment process?

Click on the link provided. It will redirect to Secure Payment Gateway.

You need to select Payment options.

Enter your payment details.